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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Windward Beach

On Friday we went over to Windward beach with the LaPray's for their farewell visit to our favorite beach. As you can see the waves were quite large that day. I kept having to reel Julian in because he wanted to be right out there in them. It was a bit scary that day. As a matter of fact...Lexi got stuck in a hole out there and had a hard time getting back in. Janet got over there to help her and I was close to lend a hand if she couldn't get her in. The problem was that each time she tried to swim a wave would come and crash on top of her. And then on top of Janet too. They were getting pummeled. We were going to make a human chain to get them in because they really weren't out far they just couldn't get out of this one hole. If we hadn't been watching her and if she didn't have the boogy board she might have been in some trouble out there. So we pretty much called it a day after that. As you can see where Julian is standing the water is not very deep where he is.


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