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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Today Julian and I did an experiment that showed him how a volcano works. It was pretty neat actually. You put vinegar and food coloring in a container with a small top. Then you mix 1/2 cup of water with a tablespoon of baking soda and pour it into the opening at the top of the container that holds your vinegar. A chemical reaction occurs and you get bubbling ooze all over the "volcano". He loved it and now he wants to do experiments every day. It made for a fun day. We put together a scientific method graphic organizer where he stated his hypothesis and wrote down his experiment and it's results and then came up with a conclusion.


  • Sounds like real school! BTW...not that it matters a whole lot, but make your son a second grader in your profile ;) ya and miss ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Dusti, at 8:43 PM  

  • Hey, how appropo! Living at the foot of a volcano and doing an experiment on one! Mt. Nevis is an inactive volcano right? Happy Thanksgiving!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 6:34 AM  

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