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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thelma Queen of Perfumes

Here is my latest poem...Happy Birthday Grammy!!!

Thelma Queen of Perfumes

Says the sign in her garage

It sits up on the rafters

High above her garbage

Her house is very quaint

It’s full of lots of stuff

I bet back in the day

She tried a little snuff

She married in a black dress

Fell just below the knee

Now that’s a girl before her time

Now wouldn’t you agree?

Her fellows name was Paul

A tall drink of water was he

She was the light of all his life

Just look and you will see

Now Thelma was a crazy girl

She surely was that grand

For once she stormed in the P.O.

With a rifle in her hand

She didn’t get arrested

Though surely now she would

For Paul was in employ there

So that was very good

She worked a while at Rockingham School

And Barlow was her name

The kids did get a bit rowdy

But they were not to blame

Her real kids surely did grow up

And move on yes they did

They all made lives around the town

And farewell some did bid

She hangs sometimes with Munny

Her sister by the pond

Or her adopted sister Marliyn

For both of them she’s fond

Jane and Linda bring her out

To Lenas twice a week

Its like clockwork you can find them there

Don’t believe me? Take a peek

Her life is filled with many friends

Some related and some not

And if she takes a shine to you

A friend for life you’ve got

She likes to play her poker

With pennies she will bet

But don’t you try to bluff her

For that you will regret

She’ll sing a song to your newborn

She did once sing to mine

It went…Do Your Balls Hang Low

An odd choice but still fine

Grammy is different from most of them

She’s hip and cool and fun

I love the way she’s young at heart

She’s the best under the sun

So Happy Birthday goes to you

Just pretend my words are blooms

I hope you have a great birthday

Thelma Queen of Perfumes


  • Hi DeeDee, that was a great poem! I can't write poems to save my life. Wow, you went to a lot of Halloween parties! We didn't go to any. I guess you guys are just more popular in your new environment than we are... Haha.

    By Blogger The 4 Jays, at 7:25 PM  

  • Loved the poem. I wish I had hiked up Mt. Nevis, but I was too hot, sweaty and homesick to even consider it!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 8:47 AM  

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