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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bad things come in threes

There is not much excitement going on here in Nevis lately. The weather has been crappy with quite a bit of rain. Yesterday I dropped Julian off at horseback riding and decided to go for a run while he had his lesson. At the beginning of my run I saw something weird on the ground and then noticed it was fur. Something had gotten hit and there was nothing left of this animal but the fur. I had to jump to get over it without running out into the road and into a car or into the pricker bushes on the side of the road. Or risk stepping in it and getting the leftovers on my shoes! As I was jumping over it I noticed the head was pretty much completely intact and it had a look of Stephen King horror on it's face. It's mouth was wide open and it's eyes were open. That much had not decomposed yet. It was so eerie. So I kept running and then it started to pour. I figured it was a passing shower but it kept going. The rain started to drain down the road in the trenches on the SIDE of the road which of course is where I have to run. I kept looking at the cloud which looked to be right over me. Behind me was blue sunny skies and ahead of me it was blue too. But over me was the Charlie Brown black cloud, hovering over me. OK, the rain isn't even one of the bad things that comes in threes. My MP3 player was getting soaked and I was worried that it would get ruined but it kept playing on so I kept running. I got to a point and heard some running water. I looked around to see where it was coming from and noticed a couple of guys across the street. So00000, one of them had , to quote Elaine Benness from Seinfeld, "IT OUT"! He was finished but he kept "it out". It was so NASTY! But also, sadly, not surprising. So that was number 2. A man going number one with "it out" was actually bad thing number two, just to clarify. So I continued on and saw a friend pulling out of their road. So I waved to them just as a truck whizzed past me and nearly toppled me over. I was coming up on a sharp turn. I heard a horn honk and thought the truck was honking at me to say I was in their way and I turned around and went to show them a special certain finger when I heard a loud engine and turned around to be facing a big red dump truck. I hopped up into the pricker bushes and missed becoming Flat Stanley's sister. It probably sounds far worse than it really is so don't be worrying about me. The corners in some areas are so sharp and the bushes grow out right to the edge of the curb so you have no place to run or walk but IN the road. And you literally can't see but a few feet around the corner and whoever is coming from the other direction can't see you either. And of course everyone is in such a hurry to go absolutely nowhere. I have decided to keep myself back up in my normal running area where the road is a bit straighter and the traffic is not as thick. Haha. Not that the traffic is thick here but it is a little bit busier at "rush hour" in some areas. So anyway that was my day yesterday. All is well now.


  • Got to be careful on those narrow curvey excuses for roads on Nevis! Glad you made it OK. Yeah, that going #1 stuff in public by the men there should be stopped! At least I try to get out of view when I go outdoors!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 6:34 AM  

  • I am glad you are safe although becoming a soggy pincushion. Wouldn't it be nice if they actually enforced the public indecency laws on the island? No wonder the place smells like piss!

    By Blogger Dusti, at 8:51 AM  

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