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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The day after

The day after Christmas was our departure date from the Marriott. We got up early and met my parents in the lobby for coffee and pastries. They took off around 7:00 and shortly after that we hailed a taxi for ourselves. Unknown to us my parents ended up right back at the Marriott shortly after we left. Their 9:00 flight got delayed until 2:30. I guess the flight that was supposed to come in the night before never showed up so they had no plane to get on. They let American Airlines know how they felt about their experience with them for this whole vacation and got some applause from the vacationers in line behind them. They finally got home at around midnight that day. They thought it was strange when the lady from the livery service asked them if they had had any garlic with their dinner. They thought she was trying to cover up for her own garlicy smelling self. So they got home brought their luggage in to the house and fell fast asleep. When they woke up in the morning they noticed right away that the whole house smelled like garlic. Their luggage had been a little bit wet when they retrieved it from the baggage claim but they didn't think anything of it. So at this point they figure someone must have had some pickled garlic which smashed and leaked all over their stuff. They said it was really nasty! OK, so back to us...we headed over to the ferry terminal not knowing what time we would get a ferry. Jouvert (the dancing in the streets that lasts the entire day) was in full swing. Our taxi driver quickly changed his route and got us around it in no time. He dropped us off with all of our stuff and Julian and Jen and I headed over to check out the action. It was LOUD. They had floats with HUGE speakers blaring music and people everywhere were dancing. They had plastic bottles slung around their necks filled with beer. We watched for a while and then when our ears couldn't take it anymore we headed back to the ferry. I told Julian that the music made my heart feel like it was going to jump out of my chest. He said "I know, I had to button up my shirt so my heart wouldn't fall out". Haha. My father had said that to Julian a few times when he was being heartless. It was really funny to hear Julian say it. We were told there would be no ferries until noon time but at around 8:30 a guy came around and announced there would be a ferry at 9:15. We got our tickets and soon boarded the boat. We met a girl on the boat from the peace corps named Laura. She was really funny to talk to. Once we got home we had to hang around town while Jaime freighte a bunch of our luggage home and then we got some groceries and went home. Jen and I decided to go to the Boxing Day Horse Race. That was really fun. We got to watch a guy go out into the MIDDLE of the track and take a pee. Of all places. Haha. There were lots of vacationers over there and we had a great time picking our horses and waiting around for the races to start. We watched 4 of 5 races before getting out of there and heading out for chinese food at the Tea House.


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