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Friday, December 30, 2005

Kids Club for the little kid and Casino night for the big kids

Julian was lucky to be treated by Grammy Jane and Papa John to the kids club. He spent a day there and created a pirate name and identity, had a treasure hunt, played pirate games and did activities and stuff like that. He had a great time networking with his own kind. It was time that he got out with some kids his own age and he had a great time. He got to go back the next night for a Christmas party the night before Christmas Eve. We took advantage of the time by going for a nice dinner and spending some time at the casino. My sister had arrived the night before so it was a lot of fun. She ended up making $.50 (that's fifty cents in case you were confused) and I lost $20.00. We were playing nickel slots. My dad was doing fairly well at the roulette table. He and Jaime were spending a small part of each day in the casino and having a good time.


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