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Friday, December 30, 2005

A trip to Nevis

We took a trip over to Nevis to show my parents around our island. I felt bad because my Mom's foot kept her from doing the things that I know she would have enjoyed but she still liked the quiet pace of our island compared to St. Kitts. We toured the Newcastle pottery where she spent a few bucks buying souvenirs for people. We hung out at our house enjoying some fresh coconut and did a full circle tour of the island ending at Sunshines for lunch. We gave my parents the true Nevisian experience by riding around in our jeep with the top off. No we didn't ride around with our tops off but the top of the jeep! Haha. We encountered wind, rain and goats during our visit which is the reason my mom is wearing my very attractive hat.


  • Living in Nevis! I am soooo jealous! We were there in November and I still think about it everyday! My 4 year old tells everyone we are going to move there...have fun!

    By Blogger Tired+Mommy=Me, at 9:45 PM  

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