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Friday, December 30, 2005

Life may not be fair but god is good

We had seen a sign on a car in Nevis that said 'Life may not be fair but god is good'. Julian started reciting this frequently. What made it funny is that he would say it with an english accent. It was really funny. We also got him to sing for us. He started out singing Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire which is one of his favorites and then surprisingly moved on to Shania Twain's Honey I'm home. The funny part about that is that the only time he has heard it is when we are in the car and I have on my mp3 player and sing out loud to the songs I'm hearing. It is really funny to hear him sing that song "Honey I'm home and I've had a hard day...pour me a cold one and oh by the way...get off the phone, give the dog a bone...hey...hey...honey I'm hooo-oome. And his voice goes up at the end really high. It is so funny.


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