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Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at the pool. My sister Jen was here and we were all just content to sit by the pool. Jaime and I ventured off into town for a bit to do some last minute shopping. It was very festive down there. We saw a great little band playing caribbean style Christmas carols. Then later on there was a group of people dancing in carnival costumes. It was really neat. There was a little boy there dancing and he was adorable. That night we went over to Ciao which is a new italian restaurant down the street from the Marriott. The people who run it came here from St. Maarten. They are quite the characters. The food there was excellent. We found it earlier in the week and my father would probably have eaten there every night if we had let him. We tried the italian place on the resort earlier in the week and did not like it much. The service from our waiter was good but we think they made a mistake in the kitchen and gave away one of our meals so we then had to wait extra long for our meal. There were people all around us getting served way ahead of us who had come in way after us. Then some of the meals were obviously re-heated and dried out a bit so we didn't go back there. Blu is excellent and the main restaurant is fine too but LaCucina is not so great. One night we had quesadillas out at the bar in the big building. They were one of the best meals we had and they were only 5.00 a piece. And they were full of chicken, and sauteed vegetables and stuff and came with guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos. Mmmmmmm. Back to where I left off...after dinner we came back and Santa was visiting in the lobby so Julian got to talk to him for a minute.


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