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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008 - Julian

Julian is having a great time this vacation. His friends Tim and Walker were so excited to have him here which was good for Julian. His first week at camp was a blast. The first week we were here we were invited by Cindy Eaton to invade her friends pool while they were gone. It was fun to sort of trespass and use someone else's pool. Walker also tagged along. The boys had a great time hopping from the pool to the hot tub. Later that night we went back to the Eaton's house to have dinner. The dinner was postponed by a thunderstorm and we didn't end up eating until around 8:30 or 9:00. We had a great time talking over a glass of good wine. The kids were busy on the Wii that Time had gotten for his birthday.
My mother also bought a Wii to entertain the kids over here and it has been a great way to entertain the kids. This week Julian invited Walker to the beach with us. They were busy playing in the sand and pretending. They both like to pretend and talk about the mystical world so they get along really well. Walker was very excited to have Julian back because he considers him one of his best friends. He is a really good kid.
Today Julian is with Tim and his Mom at the pool in Exeter. It is very hot today so they decided to escape over there. Next week the boys will be in summer camp over at the Seacoast Science Center learning about the ocean and who lives in it and going through the tide pools. It will be another fun week for him before we head back to LA on the 29th.


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