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Friday, October 17, 2008

Nevis after Omar

Well although Nevis was spared a direct hit the storm surge created a lot of damage on my former home island. Once again the storm hit from the west side of the island where the Four Seasons Resort is located. In the pictures we have a view of the pier at Oualie with The Sea Bridge (the new auto ferry) in the bay, Sunshines on Pinney's Beach (a lot of us have spent time there), Chevy's :-( or what is left of it also on Pinney's Beach (that is where we used to go for Girls Karaoke Night) of course you can't let all that beer get warm so they are out there having a party behind the rubble, no grouping of Nevis pictures is complete without the NO PISSING sign in Charlestown, Gallows Bay which is where we did the swimming for the triathlon right in downtown Charlestown near the ferry terminal (yes, that is what it felt like when we were out there swimming!), and the last picture is of the ferry waiting area. Anyone who has been to Nevis has probably been there a time or two. From what I hear everyone is safe there but they have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Thank Joann MacMullin of Nevis for allowing me to use these pictures. Thanks Joann!


  • Oh my,

    So sad to see Nevis looking even more cruddy. I was wondering was how the "old homestead" fared. It could have been worse, for sure!

    By Blogger Dusti, at 4:47 PM  

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