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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Canobie Lake Park

Rounding out a busy week we went to Canobie Lake Park. I rode over with my sister-in-law Heather and my niece McCarthy. I had Molly, Julian, and my friend Missy's daughter Paige. We also met my other sister-in-law Tammy and my nephew Cooper. We got there at a little after 11 and stayed until after 7. The kids had a blast and all behaved very well. They were of different heights and bravery so there was always someone to go on something with. Julian went on the corkscrew rollercoaster for the first time and was disappointed because it was so quick to be over. We warned him this would happen but he was still surprised at how quickly it ended. He got to ride all of his favorites including the Turkish Twist which is a big barrel that people get in that spins around so you stick to the side then the floor comes out from under you while you're stuck there. I can't ride it! Yuck! I did the corkscrew though which I love. And that big tall ride like an unenclosed Tower of Terror. That is another favorite of mine. I went on that with Molly and Julian. Molly was afraid while in line but really wanted to ride it. She made me sit next to her and we all thought we were going to pee our pants while on the ride! LOL. It was really fun. Like I said we had a great time and made the most of Papa's money. My father sponsored our trip giving us money for tickets and extra money for junk food and stuff. He's the best! By the time I got my last kid dropped off it was 9:30 and I was very tired. Missy was happy to oblige me with a fat glass of wine when I dropped off Paige. We played a round of Phase 10 and then I went home. The next day we went to the beach with Missy and Paige and then went to see Grease at Prescott Park that night. There was NO parking in Portsmouth because the Tall Ships were in port and the city was busy! The play was fun and the kids were tired from being up till almost midnight two nights in a row. Isn't that what summer is all about???


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