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Monday, June 08, 2009


What a crazy week we had while Jaime was here. After we moved back Jaime had a week to spend in NH and there was not a minute to spare. On Tuesday, we did some visiting, laundry, unpacking, and homework. Wednesday was spent finding a suit for Jaime (because he forgot his in Houma) and getting an outfit for Julian. Thursday I had my hair done--FINALLY! Thursday we went to the airport to pickup Jaime's best friend Lance and his wife Sandy from Oklahoma. It was so nice to see them out here. This was their first visit to NH and it was great to have them here for the special occasion. Lance had come with a lobster fixation so the first night we had lobster at home. Steamed and baked stuffed. Mmmmmm. On Friday we left early to head into Boston for the day. We met Chris and Andrea and their group for the Freedom Trail Tour. Our tour leader, "Captain Daniel Malcolm" in period dress, was a feisty man with a historical past. It was a lot of fun to learn how different Boston was back then and to see how the city has grown around the historic buildings of revolutionary days. After our tour we headed over to Cheers--where Nobody knows your name, haha--and had lunch. It was a nice day.

Saturday, Jaime, Lance, and my Dad headed down to Worcester for graduation. The ladies and Julian followed a little while later. Lance and my dad scored us some great seats in the balcony overlooking the stage. After about a 45 minute wait we watched the graduates march in. The ceremony was nice but long with both MUA and Saba combined. Julian was keeping busy by reading his Brisinger book that weighs a ton. He watched the important parts of the ceremony but I told him to keep his book on the floor because if it went over the balcony it could give someone a cuncussion. But, of course, after the ceremony as we are all standing there waiting to file out, old butter fingers lost his grip and his book went tumbling over the railing. Thankfully, the graduates below were all gone from the area and the book landed safely on the floor. Whew!

After the ceremony, Lance, Sandy, Jaime, and I headed down to Boston where we were going to join Chris and Andreas group for dinner. We met at the Rockbottom Brewery for a drink and then headed down to The Palm. We were met there by Chris' mother, step-father, and grandmother, along with Andreas parents and Chris' sister. It was so nice that they were able to make it to graduation. We had a nice private room where we had a nice dinner. After dinner we headed back to the hotel that they were all staying at and went into the bar to continue our celebration. As we looked around we realized that we were in a gay piano bar. It was really funny. Not long after we had dinner we headed back to NH to go to sleep!

On sunday we had a big bbq for graduation. The Lapray family came up which was so fun! My parents finally got to meet them and we finally got to hang out for a while. I hadn't seen them since, I think, 2005??? It was a blast hanging out with them and seeing how grown up the kids have all gotten. It was a fast-paced week and I feel bad that Jaime didn't get more time to relax and do fun stuff. He is back in Houma finishing up his rotations and preparing to apply for residency! This time next year should be very exciting too!


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