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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip Home to NH

Well, our trek home to NH started on Friday night with a short trip of about 90 minutes up to my sister's house in Mandeville, LA. We had a nice dinner with the Morrison's and headed out on Saturday morning around 9am. Our day was long and after about 8 hours we ended up in Chattanooga TN where we rode the steepest train up Lookout Mountain. For those of you who have not been to Chattanooga TN, it is a beautiful place! Birthplace of our good friend Cindy Eaton! There is your plug Cindy! We regret to inform you that we did not make it to the Barbeque Place. We wished we had had time to go there though. Our wait for the train was accompanied by a youth singing group from Virginia who were exercising their vocal chords as they waited. They were good singers and very LOUD. We were glad to be on a different car then them! After our trip up we headed out for some dinner at a little rib place where you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Julian loved that! He asked the waitress if the owners had a problem with it and she informed them that they did NOT and to go ahead and eat as many as he wanted. From there we drove on to Knoxville where we were confronted by some woman claiming to be on her last $.30 and needed some gas money. Could we spare some money. We politely told her we would like to but unfortunately we had no cash...yeah right! So off she drove with her strung out looking friends to look for a generous naive soul to give a handout. We didn't tell her that we are living on loans and every cent we have is borrowed! I was worried that she would come back and break into our car but...she didin't. So we spent a very cheap night at the Motel 6. In the AM we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. No road trip is complete without a meal at Cracker Barrel! We spent the day on the road and had dinner with our friends in Pennsylvania. Julian stretched his legs and ran around with Nala the German Shepherd and we ate dinner, spent the night and made the rest of our trip by Monday at 4:30 when we rolled into the Bernier homestead safe and sound. In the pictures you can see the track where the train brought us. The other is of Julian and Jaime in front of the sign and at the top of Lookout Mountain. And a cozy picture of Julian in the back of the car surrounded by our junk!


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