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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back in NH

Hi Everyone, Julian and I made it back to NH in good time. We left on Caribbean time and arrived in Boston about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Julian made a new friend on the way. A man who sails all over the place. He expelled Julian's belief about the Bermuda Triangle since he has sailed through it several times and has lived to tell about it. We got all of our luggage successfully with nothing missing as far as we could tell. We had an airport shuttle service pick us up and we rode home in style in a nice big sedan. Our driver, Dave, became good friends with Julian along the way. For all that know Julian this will be no surprise. They talked about space and the stars and shows they have both watched on Animal Plantet and Discovery. We were welcomed home with a banner that my niece Jacquelyn made letting us know that we are now the "New Fish" and that means that we get last dibs on the good accomodations. So Julian and I are sleeping on the porch and loving every second. It's like sleeping outside only you have no bugs. And when it gets cold you can shut the many windows that wrap around the room. Our weather has been true New England style meaning it can be hot one minute and cold the next. We have seen mist, driving rain, thunder storms, sun, clouds, dry hot weather and cool sunny weather. They say if you don't like the weather in New England just wait a minute. And it has been exactly that way since we arrived. We were lucky to miss the hot humid weather that left the night before we arrived after the waves of thunder storms that had the airport in a tizzy 24 hours before our arrival. So we were lucky. I'll write more and post more pictures later.


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