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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kiwanis Hospital Charity Classic 5k run

Julian and I ran in the Kiwanis Hospital Charity Classic 5k run. Jaime ran too but he ran with Julian so he didn't register to run. The run began at 9:00 on a Saturday morning. It started out at the Town Hall which you can see in one of these pictures. Julian beat his last 5k time by about a minute and a half. He finished this one in 37:02. We are quite proud of him. I did pretty good finishing in 28:20 which is about normal for me. After the race we went over to the Loco Running booth and bought some new running shoes. It was one of the things we had on our list to buy while we were home. Loco is a local company that was started a few years ago by a couple of local runners. They keep the same design of shoe for at least 5 years so you can keep going back to the same familiar shoe that you are used to when your shoes wear out. Avid runners go through a lot of shoes over the course of a year. You can check them out at
The guys working the booth, who are the same ones who started the business were quite impressed with Julian and they gave him a sombrero that they had decorating their booth. Later that day we went back to Salisbury Beach so Jaime could get his fill of pizza and clams then we went home and watched some movies in the theater. Later that evening we went over to Missy's house and had dinner with her little family and her sister-in-law's family. The kids had a blast together and we were entertained as well.

Sunday Jaime played golf with Jeremy and two of his friends Chris DeButts and Carl. Julian and I spent the afternoon in Portsmouth doing some more shopping. Julian had a gift certificate to spend at Toys R Us so we spent about an hour there. After that we picked up Jaime and headed out to play mini golf with our friends the Stones. They used to live down the street from us on Washington St in Exeter. They are a fun family. They have two kids. Gabrielle who is almost 7 and has just started 1st grade and Aden who is 5 and started kindergarten. Aden and Julian are a couple of wild banshees when they are together. The kids didn't really "play" mini golf. They just sort of ran around wacking balls all over the course. It was pretty funny. They were like hockey players on an ice rink. Taking 10 or more shots if that's what they needed. After about 15 minutes of that the mist started turning into rain and we decided to go over to Flatbread Pizza for dinner. They seated us in a cozy corner with couches and arm chairs around a big coffee table. It was a great spot for us. They gave the kids dough to play with and Aden was plastering it on his face and walking around blind and being silly. It was really funny. When we were done he had dough plastered all over his face. It was a great evening catching up with the Stone family. I miss our little neighborhood and our house in Exeter.


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