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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Beach Outings Are Here Again

So we started our beach outings again. These pictures are actually from a day at the beach before our outings began. We were at Windward Beach. This beach is a pain to get to but definitely a blast once you get there. More often than not you are there by yourself. On the way out we were blocked by a herd of cows or bulls whatever they are migrating to a different pasture. Yesterday we went to Paradise Beach. The ocean was crazy. The water there is usually very calm and yesterday it was just crazy. Waves crashing right near the shore. One of the new spouses, Tami was there and she went in to clean off because she had been sitting in the sand. She turned around for a second and a wave took her down. She got up and was laughing and trying to compose herself when I tried to yell to her that there was another one behind her but it was too took her under. Up she came again, sunglasses and headband still in place. Very impressive. We were laughing so hard because it has happened to us so many times. Then wave number 3 came and got her again. We told her she better get out of there before it happens again. Tami and Holly both have small children so it was not a safe and fun day for them there. Tami also has a 4 year old little boy. He enjoys the water but it was a bit rough for him that day too. Give him a few months and some time in the pool and he will be out with the rest of them who were diving under the waves and loving it. By the way the pool on campus is finally almost up and running. It has not been right since sometime last summer. After that Special Olympics event it was not the same. I think it was a combination of all the people in there and the pool people not taking care of it right. Well...after everyone telling them they needed to drain it and start new they finally did it. They drained the pool which had become a home for frogs and millions of tadpoles. They cleaned it and painted it and they are supposed to be filling it today. It was so nasty when we got back from the US. I told Julian we were not going in until it was crystal clear. So hopefully very soon it will be ready.


  • Boy, that scenery looks so familiar! Believe it or not...we miss the place! Fall is settling in here and its real dark in the mornings. Leaves are turning and people are getting ready to rake...remember that chore? I headrd about the pool ala tadpoles from gross is that?

    By Blogger Dusti, at 7:48 PM  

  • Is the rainy season over yet? Resumption of beach outings seems to indicate so. I remember the pool always being so clean and well maintained at MUA. It would be a shock to see it nasty and full of frogs, ect. How is Jamine holding up? Say Hi to Julian and you guys keep breathing new life into Nevis!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 9:14 AM  

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