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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Toothpaste Drool is Unattractive Even at a 4 Year Olds Party I just got back from a birthday party for a little boy named Alec here in Nevis. He is the son of one of the families here and he turned 4. It wasn't until AFTER I got home that I noticed the toothpaste drool all over the collar of my BLACK t-shirt. So it's not like it was blending in or unnoticeable!!! I checked my teeth to be sure I didn't have a big piece of tomato or brocolli in my teeth to go with it. Haha I wish someone would have told me! Oh well typical me. So anyway it was a fun party. Good cake and ice cream which I haven't had since Memories at home.

Earlier today I watched Fever Pitch which was a really funny movie about a crazed Red Sox fan. I really liked it. Last night I watched The Upside of Anger with Kevin Costner which I also liked. It was about a woman who's husband supposedly leaves her for his younger swedish secretary and how she deals with his departure with her 4 teen plus daughters. Kevin Costner plays a retired baseball player (that must be like the 500th baseball type role he has played but he can pull it off) who is a neighbor of hers that fills a void in her life. There is a bit of a twist at the end that makes the movie unlike the typical husband left me for a younger woman type movie. I thought it was really good.

And that sums up my weekend. It has been rainy and/or extremely overcast so we have not ventured out much for fear of getting to the beach only to have the sky open up. We swam at Oualie on Saturday morning for a bit of training for the triathlon coming up next weekend that I am going to do even though I am completely unprepared for it. The water was really choppy. It was churning and burning out there. We normally swim out to a specific buoy and then in a sort of triangle pattern but I couldn't even see the buoy because the ocean was so nutty. And there was lots of seaweed floating around and getting on my goggles and in my bathing suit and getting tangled in my legs and fingers. YUCK! So today I ran. Andrew LaPray is going to do the tri a tri which is a 250m swim, 5k bike and a 3k run. I think he will do well even though he has not trained at all for it. That's it. Oh no, one more thing. The other day Jaime saw a big black tarantula outside our house. He was going to kill it but when he came back outside with the Bop (local insecticide that kills everything that breaths) and it was gone. Hopefully it will stay outside! So on my run I saw my first live tarantula. It was brown and hairy. It was about the size of a large jar lid. Like the size you would find on a mayonaise jar. Not huge but if it was in my bed I would be FAaaaaREAking OUT! Julian and I saw a dead bat on the road the other morning on our run. That was kind of weird too.


  • Morning Toothpaste girl. Bats and spiders, oh my! Yeah, the Bravos let me down, but I guess I will pick up with the Cards. I am really a ABTY fan now... anybody but the yanks! I missed rainy season? I never could figure out if I preferred waiting for a "bus" in the melting heat or in a cloud burst! I guess an umbrella comes in handy either way eh? Have a great week. Tell Jamie, Julian I said hey!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 6:16 AM  

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