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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Weirdisms in Nevis

Nevis is weird today. I've been seeing weird things here today. One of those days where you wish you had your camera. First of all...our roads are in such a messy state it is almost not worth talking about because you really have to see it to believe it. Since I didn't have my camera today I will try to take some pictures another day. They are ripping up the main road, from the end of our road which connects to it, up about a mile or so. They are ripping out the old pavement in places and widening it a bit and putting in this curbing which is quite the project. I may have talked about this before. But one of the areas they are working on now is very narrow and they have carved out a chunk of the side so you don't have much room to move. There is only room for one car to go through so we are actually seeing traffic jams here in Nevis. Today I was behind a dumptruck that was trying to pass through another area where a cement truck was pouring concrete for the curbing. The truck made it through with no more than 1/8" to spare. This curbing that they are putting in is concrete so they have to set up the forms and pour the concrete and then there is this one guy who polishes the concrete by hand. I feel so bad for him because not only is it the most mind numbing job it must break your back too bending over like that all day. And he's a tall man! Julian and I took Janet with us into town to pay our bills because her car is out of commission. We recently signed up to pay our phone bill online. They have the whole thing set up so you can view your bill. It is a very nice site, very professional but they have yet to add a button or page where you can actually PAY the bill. They have a glitch they said. Haha. On our way back home we saw the weirdest goat. It looked like two completely different goats had been sawn down the middle and sewn back together. The front half was brown with like blackish colored stripes and then there was a perfect line going around it's middle and the back side was white with black dots. It was like a freakshow animal. It was so hillarious!!!


  • I think I have seen that goat!!! Ha Ha!!!

    Looks like Rita will push a bit east so my sisters house should be A-okay! It also looks like there is no major activity your way...thank God!!!

    We miss you guys tons! I'll be posting finished Pantheons soon - I know you are excited; don't pretend you aren't! :)

    By Blogger Dusti, at 8:14 PM  

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