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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Here in Nevis it's a bit soggy. We had thunderstorms for a few hours last night and downpours to beat the band. Our electricity surprisingly only went out for about 15 minutes. The radar is looking like whatever it is might be hanging around for a while. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of this years rainy period. Time will tell.

We are supposed to have our first beach outing for the semester tomorrow. It has been slow getting started because we were waiting for someone to step up and take over the running of the SOS. Nobody did so I finally decided to make up a schedule and get it out there so we could start having some fun during the week. It is fun to go around to different beaches but if you do that alone it is quite boring as there are no other people at some of the more remote beaches. So if the weather is remotely dry we will be at the beach. Rain will keep us away but clouds won't so we're hoping for just clouds. Anyway...boring talk for everyone I know. But it's really not too exciting here right now.

The Red Sox are playing their first game of their playoff series. It is not going well for them. The battle of the Sox between the White's and the Red's is quite the blowout. Right now they are in the bottom of the 8th and Chicago has 13 over BoSox's 2! It just the first game though and they have come back from worse. So I will not give up on them yet. Be careful what you say Dr. G your team hasn't even played yet!

Jaime had his first volunteering experience at Alexandria Hospital here in Nevis tonight. He said it was very slow. They had two "emergencies". One was an asthmatic girl and one was a man who cut his finger cutting open a coconut. I'm sure he could tell it better than me so if you want to read up on it check out . This is volunteer work for him to get experience. It is not required of him as a student here at MUA at this point but he feels that it will help him understand things a lot better seeing things hands on.

And that is it from Nevis. Over and Out.


  • Hey chick! Good morning. I won't say anything about the RSox getting "swept", but it isn't looking good! Hope the Yankees lose too! I didn't realize you were a Lost fan too. They started advertising that show shortly after I got to Nevis and I just knew they had filmed it there based on true story. Going to write soon about my experience on Nevis. I admire you guys for making it work so well. Later

    By Blogger drdubg, at 6:22 AM  

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