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Friday, September 16, 2005

National Hero's Day

Today in Nevis it is National Hero's Day. I'm not sure who the heroes are but they are having some activities and a 10k road race that Jaime and I have entered. It is at 4:00 this afternoon which will be grueling. It is a good course. Mostly down hill. A point to point run starting somewhere near the airport and finishing at the Travel and Tourism bureau. We are on our own once we get done and have to get a ride back somehow. We have not figured this out yet but I'm sure we will. We might just have to take a bus. It will be very hot and humid at the start of the race so I have been drinking lots of water today to make sure I am not dehydrated to begin with because I surely will be at the end. I'll probably sweat out a gallon full on the way. That's about it from our neck of the woods as Al Roker would say. Ta-ta


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