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Friday, September 09, 2005

The Story of Hurricane Katrina and the Morrison Family - Chapter 2

Well, the Morrison's have made it back to Mandeville to their house that is high and dry. They now have water, gas and electricity but no phone. My sister drives around to find a hot spot where she can make a call on her cell phone and update the family. Their blog might not be updated for a while because they don't have any internet either. I am told that school for the kids might not start until October 3rd. This whole ordeal has sadly been a learning experience for the kids just adapting, and trying to help out where they can. Hoping that their friends and their families are ok not knowing not being able to get in touch with people. My brother-in-law Jim and my nephew Jacin have been in the area for over a week and have done a lot of clean up in their neighborhood. Their neighbor's house has a tree down the middle of it and Jim and another neighbor went in to do what they could to help out which ended up only being that they removed the trash that had been stored in the garage and cleaning out the fridge. People were in such a hurry to leave that there was nothing left to do with the trash but store it in their homes. So they removed the trash and cleaned out the fridge for them (which was pretty rank I hear) and when the people came back they were so appreciative and thankful to them for doing that. It was such a small thing to do but to them at this time it was as if they had given him a million dollars. These little things are what will keep the communities together. My sister on her quest for a cell phone hot spot drove by the Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant in their area and she said the smell coming out of it was horrific. You don't think about this stuff but these restaurants all over that huge area will need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before being operational. It's going to take a long time to get things back to somewhat of a working order. It's very sad. My lost luggage story is so petty compared to what all those people are going through down there. I can't even imagine...


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