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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Weeeee're Baaaaack

So we made it back to Nevis on Sunday. Our day started out at 3:15 a.m. We had a caravan service pick us up at 4:00 to bring us and our 7 bags to the airport. Each of our bags were wrapped with canvas straps and Jaime also put yellow duct tape on all of the bags with the word Nevis in black marker just to ensure that our bags got to Nevis with us. When we got to the airport we checked in without incident and paid our 100.00 for the extra bag. We figured surely that the extra bag with all those markings and with a special price tag would make it safely. I'm sure you can see where this is going. didn't make it. We saw 6 of our bags get loaded on the plane in San Juan and figured the other one was just buried beneath the others. We waited and waited and it didn't come by on the carousel. So we checked with the airline and they took some information about the bag and told us to come back when the next flight came we bag. So the next day I checked after 2 more flights before checking with the airline again. They said Boston was holding a bag with no handle matching our bags description and could I identify some things inside the bag. Seems the handle got broken and all the tags fell off. So I told them again about the yellow tape just as I had in our initial consultation. I also told them about Jaime's text books for school and a couple of other things that I knew were in the bag. Later that night Jaime called the airline and spoke with someone who seemed like she didn't have the info I gave the airline earlier so he gave them the info again. Later that night they called back and asked some more questions before finally sying they had our bag. I mean come on...wouldn't the yellow tape be enough? Anyway, they said it would be on the 1:20 flight the next day but do you think it made it? No, they told us the flight was too full and they had to hold back some bags. So the 3:45 flight came in I go talk to the people again and they assure me it is on a special cargo plane coming at 6:00. So at 6:00 we go to the airport and what do we find? A scary, old WWII looking cargo plane on the runway. Surely they didn't send our precious overdue bag on that jalopy. Yes they did and it made it safely and in one piece. Well missing the handle but it seems that everything was in the bag. There was even an error report stating that they had looked in the bag and listed the contents. One of the things they listed was a bib from the 5k I did in Exeter a few weeks ago. The bib had my name on it and they had it right in the notes and do you think they had thought to check their roster to see if there was a passenger traveling that day by that name? Of course not! They just waited for us to track it down and it took over two days. But I guess it could be worse. Other than that it's business as usual here in Nevis. SSDD. Same shi* different day.


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