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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm finished!!!

Ok so we went over to Oualie for the triathlon today. I had thought the bike was going to be 15k which is less than usual and was very excited about that. I was also very excited that I was not going to be going up the big Oualie hill. Of course I should not have got my hopes up too soon because on race day we were informed that we would be going up the hill, around the airport and then to TDC and back to Oualie to make it a true 20k bike. The race started on island time about 45 minutes late or so. My swim was ok. 750 meters. Better than last time which made me happy. My transition time was better too. Last time we had to run quite a ways back to the transition area from where we did the swim. My bike time was better than last time because I was on a road bike. That was a bit hard to get used to but it was a LOT easier to pedal. I was a bit wobbly trying to turn the gears and I went off the road twice but didn't spill the bike so that was good! I stayed upright! My run was fine too. It's a 5k. Better than last time. According to my watch I was 11 or 12 minutes faster than the triathlon in March. So I was happy about that. I was also happy that I beat Jaime in the swim...but he kicked my butt in the rest of course. I don't know what his time was. The race overall was quite small. I would say maybe 25 people if that. There were a bunch of students from the Ross vet school over in St. Kitts. They were all really nice people. Even their dean was there competing with them. That was quite impressive. He seemed to have a great repore with his students. I don't know who won or anything like that because we had to get home so Jaime can get some studying in and I was dying of thirst. Oualie schedule this on a day where they also had a fishing tournament so it was very busy over there. They didn't have any water stops on the route for any leg of the event and none either at the end. We tried to get up there to buy some at the bar but that place was swarming with thirsty fishermen. Thirsty in a different and more lucrative way of course. So we went home. Overall, I would say the hardest part of the whole day was when I was all set and ready to run into the water for my swim leg and they made an announcement that happy hour was starting. Two for one. Now that is cruel! Haha.

Andrew LaPray did the try a tri which is a mini triathlon. He did a great job! He beat them all in the swim and the bike. He lost some time on the run but finished 3rd out of 4. His goal was to finish and not in last place so his goal was met! He was competing against a couple of women and a boy of 11 years old. He did a great job and was quite proud of himself as he should be. I hope he does some more when he goes back home.

I'm going to go eat now. I wish I had a cook...but I don't so I have to go cook now before I truly relax my body for the rest of the night.


  • Sounds like you had a great tri... good for you. Of course, you know you will never be able to beat Jamie biking or running, right? Great pictures....Two for one happy hour?!?! I didn't know those existed on Nevis! We found a Bahama Breeze restuarant and they served those "West Indies Patties" that the MUA cafe makes, w/ hamburger or chicken wrapped in a pie crust... they were good and the spices brought back some Nevis memories...

    By Blogger drdubg, at 7:04 AM  

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