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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Tonight is our first Halloween party of the season. This party will be at a friend's house here and is mostly geared towards the kids. They are going to go "trunk or treating". Meaning the kids will walk along the yard and go trunk to trunk for treats instead of door to door. A fun idea! Then we are going to have chili, cornbread, cole slaw etc for dinner. Should be fun. I get to bring the cole slaw. I have never made it before so I hope everyone likes it. I think it's good. I shudder when I say that I used one of Auntie Martha's recipes. So if it nobody likes it I will just blame her. It will give me more fuel for my fire. Haha. In case you are wondering who poor Auntie Martha is and how I dare talk so ill of her all over the world wide web, I'll tell you who she is...Martha Stewart, it's one of her recipes. So we'll take some pictures of the costumes and post them later. There is another party on Monday over at Oualie Beach. They will also have trick or treat and a buffet for the kids and activities and the all important costume contest.


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