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Monday, January 16, 2006

A my back pocket!

I have had a gem in my backpocket for months and didn't even know it! Holly, who is the wife of a student here has a degree in curriculum development! That to me is so exciting! I have been wanting to re-vamp Julian's school program to be more interesting for him and every time I try I get totally overwhelmed and keep plugging away with his boring text-books that he hates. I did a little bit in the fall on Native American Indians and that was fun but it wasn't organized at all. Sooooo she is going to help me get organized and design a plan so school can be a little bit fun. I am going to show her where the library is tomorrow and then we are going to have a power lunch at Unellas (Julian's favorite burger spot) and start working on a plan. Holly is not only smart but she's fun too!


  • Hold up! School that is 'fun'! A woman that is smart and FUN too! What is going on there on Nevis? Nevis, the place were contradictions flourish! Julian is lucky to have a Mom that is smart and fun too! Good luck.

    By Blogger drdubg, at 8:31 AM  

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