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Sunday, January 01, 2006


On Tuesday we headed over to Pinney's beach to get some sun and later have lunch. There were beach chairs set up over by Sunshines so we asked the waiter if we could use them if we had lunch there later. He said the chairs were complimentary if we ate there so we set up our stuff. After that we headed over to check out the Four Seasons Resort. They have added a new pool! It didn't take them long to build it. We saw Kelly Rippas husband Mark Consuelos. He is the one on the far left next to the guy in red. We tried to be sly about getting a picture but it ended up being so far away you can't even see him. But we tried. He is as good looking in person as he is on the screen. So after that we went back to our chairs and a guy came over and told us it would be 5.00 a piece for the chair, US dollars. We told him the guy at Sunshines told us we could sit there and long story short the waiter didn't have anything to do with the chairs so we ended up paying the guy. We had lots of excitement that day. There were a couple of guys escorting a guy off the beach. The beach chair man was there when that happened and he said a rasta mon was making some trouble so the undercover police (didn't know they had those here) are trying to get rid of him. We watched them struggle with him for 5 minutes or so until the police showed up very quietly and the man was put into the car without incident. It was very quiet and surprisingly professional. No noise or lights or brutality. After that we decided it was time for lunch. Jaime had gone over to Oualie to swim so he wouldn't be joining us. We found a table and waited to place our order. It was packed over there being another holiday and all. We finally ordered and played polish poker while we waited. WE finally got finished at 3:00 and headed over to pick up Jaime. During his day he had seen Paul Simon who was also on island and the caterer we know, the one who is opening up the deli here, Wendy, was catering a dinner for him that night. Very exciting for her! So we all had excitement that day. That night we played a new game that Julian got for Christmas and watched some t.v.


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