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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jen's last full day

On the last day of her trip we did a little last minute souvenir shopping. We went to the pottery in town and to Knick-knacks which is run by a woman that I know in town. Jen was nice enough to buy Julian a little locking treasure chest that he has had his eye on for months. He was very excited to have that. We spent the afternoon over at Oualie Beach. I like that beach because they let you use their chairs and there are usually kids there for Julian to play with. On this day there were NO chairs available to sit on. The place was packed! So we found a plot of sand and lay down our towels. Jaime and I swam some laps out in the water and Julian and Jen played some football in the water. When I came out of the water she and Julian were eating their sandwiches and had a little friend sitting with them. A dog named Sam (we think). He was sitting on the sand and waiting patiently for a scrap. Julian gave him a little bit of his crust and then put down the rest of his sandwich and the dog swept in and took the rest! It was kind of funny and I think Julian was pretty much done anyway. So we hung out there for the day and then went home to get ready for our dinner at Coconut Grove. What an experience that was! The owner, Gary and his wife are so nice and really do a good job making sure you are happy and talking with all of the customers. Our waiter was from Germany. His name was Jens (pronounced Yens). He was very polite and knowledgeable and personable. The food was really good. They started us out with what they called “a teaser” which was a tiny little bowl of a warm coconut and lime soup. Each bowl had a tiny little spoon. It was so cute. Jen and I started with an onion soup and Jaime had a scallop appetizer that he said was really good. They bring everything out on these really nice, decorative interesting glass plates. For dinner, Julian had the kids chicken fingers that were atop a bed of egg noodles with a side of marinara sauce. He ate every bite of the chicken so I think he liked it. He was really good in the fancy restaurant. I had a mahi mahi which had a salsa on top and a plantain and tomato side dish that was really good. Jen had a seafood napoleon which she said was excellent. It was made with an Indian type flatbread and seafood and had a bunch of different sauces or something on each corner that each had a different flavor. Jaime had beef medallions which was served with a mashed potato. The beef had a cabernet butter melted over the top. All meals were excellent. For dessert, my mother's honor, we had a crème brulee and also a pistachio torte that was out of this world! It was an experience to remember. Although it did last 2 ½ hours. By the time we left the place was packed with people. They bring the bill over in a big gold painted coconut. Not just the inner coconut shell but the outer husk. It is really funny. An excellent last meal for her vacation. I'm so glad we finally got to have a visitor come to stay with us. We also had a great Christmas with my parents here pampering us at the Marriott. Very relaxing and fun.


  • Other than luggage and ferry schedules, sounds like you had a GREAT holiday! You make the Caribbean sound like paradise! (some of us know better) Hope 2006 is good to you guys (and Jamies MUA GPA)

    By Blogger drdubg, at 7:24 AM  

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