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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Julian and Jaime finishing the triathlon

This picture was taken near the finish of the triathlon that Jaime and Julian paired up to do. Although they were last they got a medal in a special category because Winston thought it was so amazing that Julian could do this at the age of 7. And they weren't far behind everyone else either.


  • AWESOME! We expect to see an Olympic trialthete someday!

    By Blogger Dusti, at 3:04 PM  

  • Yeah Julian! Looking good kid. And Doc Dad isn't in too bad a shape either!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 12:15 PM  

  • Congratulations Julian! You are awesome! Keep up the good work. Love, Auntie Jen

    By Blogger jennifer morrison, at 4:13 PM  

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