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Friday, March 10, 2006

Triathlon Sunday

Well Sunday is the big Carino Nevis International Triathlon. The weekend kicks off tomorrow night with a pasta party over at Oualie Beach. That should be fun. They are going to show the video from last years race which will be funny to see. I can remember having a camera in my face several times like as I was untangling my mp3 earphones from my helmet straps and as I was crowning the big Hurricane Hill. It is looking like a good group this year. Last year brought out a lot of students from the medical school but this year the majority that raced last year are gone and the new group are not very athletic. The guy who got 2nd place in the sprint is still here and he is racing so that will be fun. Other than him it is us and maybe one other person from the school. So...we will be among a group made up of local racers, ex-patriots, vacationers and other people who have flown in specifically for the event. There is even a 10 year old girl who is going to race. She has a cute little road bike of her own! I'm excited to see how she does. I think it's great. I think her mom is going to race too. So...think of me on Sunday around 1:00 caribbean time. I'll be splashing my way through the water in Gallows Bay. Not the most pleasant place to swim but hopefully the surf that is all churned up today will calm down a bit. And hopefully the wind will also die down a bit. If I could order in some weather I would ask for overcast skies with no wind and still waters. So keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll write more about how it goes after the race.


  • Good luck girl! A friend of mine here has talked me into running the Chicago Half-Marathon in September. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into? Anyway, Bri agreed to train with me over the summer, and I have a schedule mapped out (if I can stick to it ;)

    By Blogger Dusti, at 7:08 AM  

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