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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hiking and stuff

Hey all! Another week down. I feel like I'm wishing my life away. Anyway, at the beach on Wednesday we ran into Leslie and her daughter and grandkids who are here visiting. Leslie is one of the women in my book club. She has been coming to Nevis for I think the past 30 years or so! Anyway, they have a hiking club that meets on Fridays so we met up with them to do a little hike out in Butlers Village. We hiked down to the water and then along the shoreline for a while. It was fun. The kids had a great time. Leslie's daughter Marti had her two kids Kyra 5 and Calson 10. Julian and Kyra had a great time collecting treasures like sea sponges, goat jaw bones and other miscellaneous skeleton pieces! Lovely. They even "played" the bones like they were instruments and called themselves The Tooth Bone Band. It was really cute.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Julian and I went to town and got a couple of movies at a new movie rental place. Not new like Grand Opening new but new to us because we keep having problems with the movies at the other one. I have rented several movies that stall in the middle or near the end and I can't finish them. I still don't know how Weatherman or The Constant Gardner ended. So we found a new place. A lot of these movie rental places have copies and even pirated movies! So it is so different from where we are from. But so far so good from this place. I watched Two for the Money and The Family Stone. I liked them both. Julian rented Zathura and Harry Potter 4. Tonight he was re-watching it and I looked over to find him crying at one of the scenes. It was so funny. I heard him sniffling and looked over and he was wiping his nose and eyes with his shirt! So I asked him if it was sad and he looked over and kind of laughed and sobbed and told me yes. I gave him a tissue and a little hug and the scene finally passed. I told him that I cry at movies all the time. As a matter of fact I cried the night before watching The Family Stone. I have not seen Harry Potter 4 yet. I am waiting until after I read it. Right now Julian and I are on #3. I have seen parts of that one but I think I will like it better after I have read it. There seems to be a lot in the books that doesn't make it into the movie that if you don't know you get confused. So I'm going to wait it out. Maybe by the time the next movie comes out we will be up to that book. That is our goal. And also to be done with all 6 books before the next book comes out so we can do a midnight buy if we are lucky enough to be back in the states then. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I don't even have any idea when the next one is supposed to come out. Julian read about 1/3 of #2 so hopefully he will read a lot of this one too and eventually read one all by himself. Right now he is also reading a Bionicle book. It is a bunch of books all in one and it's like 400 and something pages long. He is getting close to page 200 so he's reading like mad!

Yesterday I made taquitos. I made my own corn tortillas with my tortilla press that I bought from someone who left. That is a hot item. I already have someone who wants to buy it when I leave! Anyway, the taquitos are so good! Especially with my home made salsa. Our friend Nick stopped by to drop off some goodies that his girlfriend brought for Julian when she came to visit so he stayed and ate with us too. We don't see him much anymore since he and Jaime are in different classes now and he and Jaime are not exercising together anymore. Nick had a medical issue and his doctor advised him to stay away from exercise for a while. It's usually the opposite I know. He is feeling better and hopefully will have a clean bill of health when he comes back from break.

Tomorrow I am going over to the 5th semester sale to sell of some stuff that our friends left with us. They left early and left all their leftover stuff with us to sell for them. I get a cut so I said SURE! I am also selling some books of mine and some books of Julian's and a few old toys that he doesn't play with anymore. And a pair of shorts that I have that make me look like a clown!

On Friday we went to Dr. Allerton's pre-med pizza party that he puts on every semester. That was fun. While we were there one of the new women in the SOS group made a comment about how hot it had gotten lately. She asked me if it got much hotter. I was sad to report to her that it will get hotter and much more humid. I tried to break it to her gently. I said "August is really hot and humid, well, July and August, well actually it's more like June...wellllll...from about May through September it will be really hot". She just laughed. So, one more full week for Jaime and then it's finals week. There is a new family coming that we have been in contact with. They are from Vermont and we have been emailing and talking with them for a couple of months. It will be fun to get to know them better and get a haircut! Heidi is a hairdresser and she's coming fully stocked with color for me! Isn't she nice! Then one week after that my mom, sister and niece come for a visit. We can't wait!


  • You guys are really veterans on Nevis now. April 30th will be the second year aniversary of my arrival on Neivs! Time flies.. I can't remember exactly when, but it was within a week of my landing that I first met Jamie. I still think about those early days and our dinners together at the freshman dorms (I can't recall the ladies name that ran the restaurant there). Ah, the good ol' day eh?

    By Blogger drdubg, at 9:06 AM  

  • Oh My God! An American hairdresser living on Nevis???? I cannot wait!!! Does she plan on having a little "business" for all of us ex-pats who don't want to pay $44 at the Four Seasons?

    Looking forward to break here. Brian is almost like a cat ready to pounce - he is so excited to get off the ant hill.

    By Blogger Dusti, at 6:53 PM  

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