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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our day

Today was cleaning/errand day. Exciting I know. Julian and I cleaned the house all morning and then went into town to pay some bills, pick up some things and stop at the deli. We got all of our bills done and everything else in town. I offered to buy Julian a hamburger in town but he made a choice to have ice cream instead. That saved me some dough! It was a hard decision to make though. On the way back we stopped at the deli to pick up some salad greens and sandwich meats and cheese. We saw Winston and said hello to him. He was having lunch with someone when all of a sudden he asked me if I had an epi pen. I said no and asked him who needed one. He said "I do". And I just looked at him and said, "NOW?" And he said, "YES". He had a quesadilla that surprising to him had shrimp in it and he is allergic to shellfish. I asked him what kind of sick he got, throwing up sick or swelling up sick. He told me he would start to swell up. SO, I called a few people to see if they had epi pens but by that time he called the hospital and rushed up there for treatment. I hope he's ok. I haven't heard anything yet.

Jaime has been using me as his guinea pig experiment practicing for his physical diagnosis class. It was kind of fun at first but he has to poke and prod me in weird places. Trying to find all of my lymph nodes and glands and stuff. There is one test that he does with a tuning fork on top of your head. If there is nothing wrong with you, you hear it on both sides. If there is a problem on one side you will only hear it on that side. So of course I could only hear it on one side. I just wouldn't be me otherwise. So he just kind of laughed a bit and went on. Then he looked in my ear and it was a bit red and inflamed. Doesn't hurt though. Then he was looking into my eye and noticed a cloudy area on the outer rim of the optic disc. He kept looking and then looked stuff up in his book, looked again with a confused expression then looked stuff up on the internet and tried to explain what it looked like to me. All the while saying "I'm sure it's fine". Then he would look again, and again. So he talked to his teacher, Dr. Ellison who said it is nothing to worry about and that blonde women with blue eyes typically have that especially over the age of 30. I went in to have her check to make sure and she told me I have "A Gorgeous Optic Disc". I felt so proud!!! Haha. Then Jaime looked at hers and it looks the same as mine. So all is well in Danielleville. The ear is I guess what they call swimmers ear. A bit of water settles in but it's nothing to worry about either I guess. Sometimes it can be caused by allergies too.

That's all of our excitement. Tomorrow we have beach day and horse back riding in the afternoon.


  • Hi DeeDee! That stuff Jaime did is confusing. Good thing Papa is okay. Mom was really stressing about that. Julian is going into third grade next year? Wow. Last time I remember he was in first! Well, time flies. And by the way, I updated our blog (finally).
    Love Jacquelyn

    By Blogger The 4 Jays, at 12:21 PM  

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