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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The rest of the vacation

On Thursday we did some shopping in town. Molly had a chance to spend some of her money on some souvenirs. We had so many leftovers from the dinner the night before so we ate lunch at the villa. After that we headed over to Oualie to rent some kayaks. Winston showed up shortly after we got there and we got three kayaks and headed out into the ocean. We paddled over to the point by the Hurricane Cove bungaloes then turned around and headed back the other way. We stopped on the beach by Cliff Dwellers and combed the beach. I found TONS of sand glass over there and lots of shells. After a little bit we got back in and headed back. At this point we were going against the current which made it a lot harder to paddle but we got back ok. It was a lot of fun and I am going to be sure to spend more time out there paddling. That night we went back to Young's Restaurant and had another great meal. This time the chef carved two amazing dragons for the kids. They were really cool but I didn't get a picture. The next day we we had lunch at the deli, stopped at Cades Bay but decided it was not where we wanted to stay so we headed over to Paradise Beach instead. We spend the afternoon there and then headed back to the villa to watch the monkeys. We had a lot of monkey visitors every day. One day we got some pictures of a bunch of them. One of them was drinking out of the water spigot out by the gate. It was so funny. At this point they had been without water since the previous afternoon. A man had come over to turn on the pump for the cistern so they could use the toilets and shower with the trickle that you get with the cistern pump. By Friday afternoon the cistern was empty and the pump was running constantly so we had to turn it off. At that point they had no water. They jumped in the pool to get clean and we headed over to Oualie for dinner. That was an excellent meal. I had rack of lamb that was cooked perfectly. The kids had burgers and the others had an asian style grouper dish. Everyone loved their meals and it was a nice meal to end the trip. Saturday morning came early and we went over to bring them to the airport. The security confiscated all of their conch shells and coral but other than that they had an easy time at the airport. Their flight home was perfect and they got all of their luggage. We will miss having them around. It was great for us to have them here for a while.


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