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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nisbett Plantation

On Wednesday we headed over to Nisbett Plantation to play in the sun and have lunch. Lunch was great and we spent the afternoon on the beach with the Conway family. Jaime cut open a coconut for us all to munch on. He used only a rock to do this! Lunch was really good. I had a hamburger, the kids had pizza, Julie had a chicken sandwich and my mother had a grilled shrimp salad. It was all yummy. That afternoon I headed out for a run which was a very hot time of day for that. That night we had a bunch of people come over for a catered dinner from Deli by Wendy. As usual her food was very good. We have spent a lot of time there this vacation. The party was fun. The kids all played pretty well together and we all ate lots of food.


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