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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things of note-not in any order of importance...The End of 2nd Grade, Girls Night Out and Heart By-Pass Surgery!!!

What a busy week! My father went in for what he thought was going to be an outpatient angiogram and ended up getting rushed over to Catholic Medical Center in Manchester for a quadruple by-pass. He had no symptoms that he noticed before any of this. He had gone in for a routine physical and had an EKG because it had been a while and they noticed something off. So they scheduled him for a stress test and didn't like the amount of oxygen his heart was getting. So they scheduled him for an angio. They told him it was no rush and since he was in the middle of moving out of their house they said he could wait until that was done. He went in on Tuesday for the angio and they found that one artery was 99 % blocked, one was 60% blocked and 2 were 40% blocked. His heart had been compensating and re-routing things in his ticker. What he didn't realize was that the occasional back pain and fatigue he had felt were symptoms of a heart problem. And here he was just thinking it was his age! He's 68. So anyway, he had his surgery on Wednesday and aside from some bleeding after sugery which they got under control quickly everything went well. He was in ICU until yesterday because they were having trouble keeping his blood pressure regulated. Instead of being high like it had been for most of his life it was now too low! So they got that all figured out and shipped him out today! He is now living in a hotel with my Mom for a few days until they go up to their camp for some quiet recuperation. Not to to us is a comfortable house with all the amenities. They are building a garden house on their property to live in until their new house is finished. I'm sure that he will follow doctors orders to a T and be back in tip top shape in no time.

2nd Grade is now over! Julian is very excited about this but I informed him tonight that it doesn't mean that he gets to wake up every morning and flip on the t.v. He still has to earn his t.v. and do a little bit of math each week. I'll try to work it in such a way that he doesn't realize he's actually doing math. It's amazing how well he does when he's adding up UNO points. Give him the same problems on paper and "It's so HARD!!!" We are getting ready to welcome our friends the Adrians back to the island. They get here on Tuesday. Yay!

Friday night a couple of the girls from the SOS (spouses of students) decided to go out. I had told them that I probably wouldn't be able to go because Jaime had a study session to go to. They decided to stop by on their way to somewhere and just check again if I could or couldn't go. I told them Jaime was on his way out but they could stay for a drink. So we had a glass of wine and chatted for a while. Jaime got home around 9:30 so at that point I was able to go out. We headed over to Coconut Grove. We got there around 10:00 and the place was empty aside from the owner, Gary, the waiter, Jens (pronounced Yens) and a guy at the bar...Gary...Puckett I believe (not the singer). He infomed us that they are the only two white Gary's in Nevis. This is important Nevis trivia don't you think? So we sit at the bar and ask for martinis and they tell us that the bartender called in sick so Jens will do his best. Our friend Rebecca pipes in and says..."I know how to make one...I can help you out." So they said "Well, come back here and make yourself at home, the bar is yours." She was all excited. She whipped up a couple of different types of martinis. Elizabeth had never had one so she got the apple martini and I got a banana/amaretto which was amazing! Rebecca had the same thing. It was a lot of fun being the only ones in there (for a while) because they asked us what music we wanted and we were pretty much in charge! A while later a couple came in and joined us. The pastry chef from the Four Seasons and his wife. They do not like it here. Gary the owner and I tried to explain that they were not giving it a chance and were expecting it to be like the US and it's just not. But they are set on their opinions. Oh well, we had a great night bantering with that interesting group.

And those are the highlights of the week.


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