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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Snorkeling and Coconut Grove

On Tuesday we spent the morning at Oualie Beach where we did some snorkeling. Molly was really excited about that. It was slow getting into the water but once she got in she was so excited. We saw some blue and yellow fish, black fish with blue stripes, starfish, sea urchins and lots of other stuff. After about an hour we headed in and enjoyed the beach for a while. That night we went to Coconut Grove for dinner. As expected it was very good. We started out with baby camenbert, plantain rolls that had a shrimp filling and seared tuna. For dinner Julie and Mom had the seafood napoleon, Jaime had the pork and I had a chicken stuffed with pistachio nuts that was very good. For dessert I had bread pudding, Julie and Molly shared brownies and Jaime and my Mom had creme brule. The picture of the kids on the tree is in back of the restaurant.


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