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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I love this picture of Julian. We had gone out to dinner with our friend Andrea who was visiting, her fiancee Chris and our friend Bombay. This was over the mid-semester break. Our big splurge for the break was a dinner at Coconut Grove. Julian was complaining that he had growing pains so we told him to get on the floor and stretch. The tables are widely spaced so there is a lot of room between them so he got down and stretched and then did a meditation move. It was so cute! I don't know where he gets this stuff! He is always a good sport hanging out with all of us big kids. He bellied up to the bar at one point and kept the bartender, Sean, company. They chatted in between customers about all the important things in the world. It was really funny. For any of you who have been to Coconut Grove you will probably remember Jens the tall, thin, cute waiter who is an expert on food and wine. He has left Coconut Grove to go back to school. He is feeling that he needs to exercise his brain a little bit. He fit in really well there and we'll miss him a lot.


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