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Monday, June 19, 2006

OECS 10k run

Yesterday was the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States(by the way that's not a typ-o)) 10k run. This run started on a flat plane just beyond the airport. The finish line was in front of the Tourism building in Charlestown. It was a hard run. We have done this route before and knew what we were in for. This particular course has it all...a steep hill, a long gradual hill which took 2 of the front contenders to the hospital, wind and heat. The pack started out really fast but I'm more of a tortoise start kind of girl. I start out slow and get warmed up then gradually try to add a little speed. I actually started this one a little faster than normal but I had a couple of people ahead of me that aren't usually in front so I tried to keep up. One was Sarah who I eventually overtook just beyond Oualie Beach. From there I kept a steady pace. I finally passed the woman running in socks with the two barefoot kids just before the halfway point! The rest of the run was not bad. My one advantage was that I was running with my camelback so I didn't have to slow down to hydrate at the water stops. I just sucked down the water from my little straw. It was really nice. The long hill was tough but I got up it without an ambulance waiting at the top. I made it to the finish line in about an hour and one minute. Not sure of the exact time but it was over an hour and under 61:30. Jaime finished in 50:44 and our friend Nick was just ahead of him at 48:35. This time we were smart and brought our car into town so we had a ride back. At the finish they had t-shirts for all and food! A really fresh fruit salad that was quite tasty and a lot of other food that we didn't have time to eat.


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