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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Julian's new pet

I was running the other day and saw something move on the ground below me. I looked closer and saw that it was a hermit crab. Julian has been wanting one for a while so I scooped it up and carried it home. I had to cradle it in my shirt the whole way so he wouldn't escape or pinch me. He is a really small hermit crab. When I got home I gave it to Julian and he was so excited! We put him up in a bug catcher for now. He named him Hermie. The first day he had him he went to a friends house and forgot to close the top of the bug catcher and Hermie escaped! He was so upset. I told him he probably missed his family and left to go find them. That made him feel a little bit better. The next day Jaime called Julian into his room and he found him in a corner. So he's back! He is much more careful now when he takes him out of his cage. So far Hermie has been eating peanut butter and carrots. Apparently they will eat just about anything even chicken off the bone! I'm excited to see that in action. So this is our new pet. He loves to climb and goes all over the bug catcher. We need to find him a more permanent house to live in so we can get some sand and shells to make him happy.


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