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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Last Day in Civilization

Well today is our last day in civilization for a while. We have packed up all of our stuff and are cramming the rest into our last piece of luggage. Tonight we are going to go to our favorite mexican restaurant in Portsmouth. Today we had BLT's with my sister and her kids and my Uncle Ronnie. Uncle Ronnie is always good for a laugh and we are hoping he will come out to visit Nevis sometime. My sister Julie is also hoping to make a trip out with her family and enjoy the fine comforts of the Marriott. So we said goodbye and now we are just watching the minutes tick by as we get closer and closer to our departure. To half of my blog visitors I will see you soon and the other half...we had a blast and we'll miss you a lot so come for a visit.


  • Hi DeeDee, it's Jacquelyn. I hope you guys (or "yall") had a good time visiting NH. I wish I could come to Nevis and visit, but Mom won't let me. I have to see my disaster of a cousin, Levi. Wow, the Marriott? We got kicked out of there once. HAha. Hope you have a good flight! See you... sometime!

    By Blogger The 4 Jays, at 8:47 AM  

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