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Friday, September 02, 2005


My sister's family, The Morrisons, have found out that their house is fine. No water damage, no broken windows, no fallen trees on the roof. Just a few missing shingles and a broken fence. They are very lucky. My brother in law, Jim, drove down to see if he could get into town to see the condition of the house and he did not come across any opposition. He drove right in and did not meet any flood water at all so the north side is doing pretty good. His mother's house is also fine. She lives in Covington. The houses are without power but have water and gas so Jim and Jacin, my nephew, are staying there to start cleaning up and help out where they can. Jen and Jacquelyn and Mary and Bob will stay up in Little Rock a bit longer and wait for the electricity to come back on. Jim checked on the nursing home and they have no electricity and the generator is only working necessary equipment so the place is really hot without air conditioning. They will wait to bring Bob back. Mary's house might be one of the first with electricity because she lives behind a Wal-mart and a Home Depot and most likely they will be one of the first areas to be restored with electricity. So, now that the unknown questions have been answered they are feeling a little bit better although when they talk to people it is really hard to tell them that their house is fine when these other people's homes have been destroyed. Today they are going to go to the Bill Clinton Library.

As for the other M family, the Morenos, we are only a couple of days away from going back to the island. We have one more social gathering planned at my friend Michelle's house tonight and then we'll be all socialed out. Haha. It will be really hard to go back. We have been having so much fun here and have been spoiled by our family and friends.

On another note, Yiyi and Casey are also fine. They are in Louisiana for their break and I heard that they had to escape where they were staying and go to Baton Rouge. They have electricity up there but they are quickly running out of supplies and gas. It was good to hear that they were also ok. New Orleans will never be the same. I will still celebrate Mardi Gras this year with the making of a King Cake like I did last year. It took all day to make but it will be worth it. It will be interesting to see what the city does this year to keep the Mardi Gras celebtration alive. I'm sure that the people of New Orleans will not let it end. It won't be what it was but I'm sure they will do something. I hope. But hope is just a wish and wishes don't grow on trees.


  • Danielle,
    Mom has a baby that came out of a king cake, maybe she will let you take it, I will send her a replacement baby, i have a few at home. Also tell her that Commanders Palace is fine and that whole area of town. the

    By Blogger The 4 Jays, at 9:08 AM  

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