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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Break Time!

Jaime is done with Med 3! His break started on Thursday. We kicked it off by picking up a new family at the airport and helping them out with their stuff. They shipped 29 big boxes of stuff so we had our work cut out for us. They are a lot of fun. Two little girls Jillian-4 and Julia-1. Julian hit it off with them and now they are great friends. We are all a bit tongue tied with all of those names being so similar but we're looking forward to Julie getting here so we can just call them J1, j2, j3 and j4. Haha. We brought them out to the grocery store the first day since we were told that everything would be closed for the weekend. Come to find out there were some things open on Saturday. But we broke them in with "downtown". They were a bit shocked at first but are settling in just fine. On Friday Jaime helped them get the rest of their stuff from the aiport and that night we took them to the Tea House for chinese food. We met Holly and Chad and Chad's parents who just got in. And Darci and her family including her parents and brother. It was quiet a group! They enjoyed meeting all the new people and liked the food which was good. Today we showed them some more stores in town and brought them to the drink depot to stock up on beverages. We also swung by Wendy's Deli and they loved that place as we all do! Maybe they think we're all crazy for going so nuts about the place but after being here for a long time without anything like that it is nice to have it open. Oh...maybe I haven't mentioned it yet. It is a deli that just opened. They have deli meats, cheeses and salads, a meat freezer with fish, marinated chicken, steak, lamb etc, desserts, breads, wines, chips, and lots of other stuff. It's great. The owners are an Irish couple who have been here for a long time. They have two kids who are around 11 and 8 or 9 maybe. They are also part of the cycle club which is how we met them. Tomorrow Jaime is doing the Round Nevis Run which is exactly as it says. A run around Nevis. It's about 22 miles! So wish him luck. Julian and I are going to be one of the roving water stops. We'll drive around and set up water stops for people. It will be interesting to see how many people enter. It starts at 6:00am tomorrow morning. Not sure what we have planned next week. We're going to play it by ear. The Conways (the new family) will need help getting their car title switched over and insurance so we'll help them out with that. Other than that we don't really have any concrete plans until Mom, Julie and Molly come on Friday! We're really excited about that!!!


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