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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt

The other day at our beach outing we had an Easter Egg Hunt. The eggs and candy were hidden on the beach in little plastic baggies. We had a bit of a scare as a HUGE group on horses came through. We tried to stear them around them but some of those horses have minds of their own and stomped right through our stuff. There didn't appear to be too many casualties though. Julian got a bag of candy that was enough to feed the island! We ended up bringing most of it down to the Round Nevis Run yesterday. On Easter morning Julian woke up to find a scavenger hunt set up. He had about 6 clues to follow around in the house and outside before coming upon the grand prize! He got a new baseball glove and two balls. He was excited about that! And that was about the only Easter related thing we did that day. There is one picture here of Julian and one of his friend Harrison with his sister Hannah. Harrison looks very excited about what's in his bag!


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