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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

3rd Place! WooHoo!!!

Julian won 3rd place in the Oualie Beach Halloween party this year! We worked so hard and were happy to win a prize this year. It was the sole goal for Julian this year. He wanted to win each year and I told him it would take a home made costume to do it. So we started working on this costume about a month ago. Julian and I started by molding some wire mesh screen material into a head shape, made the jaw and stapled it on, then we had to papier mache it which took a couple of applications. We made the feet and tail out of foam and spray painted it all black. Jaime made the eyes and put them on. Then we cut teeth out of foam and a tongue that we painted red and glued them in. Someone gave me a glue gun a few months ago and we used A LOT of that. My mother sent him some gloves that we used for the hands. He wanted 3 claws so we pulled a couple of the fingers in and cut the top of the others. Then I cut claws out of a ricotta container and painted them black then I hot glued them into the fingers. My mother also sent some face paint that we used on his legs. Voila! A velociraptor! Julian won 3rd place which gets him breakfast for two at Oualie Beach. 2nd prize went to a cute little girl dressed as some type of witch and first went to Julian's classmate Jazee who dressed as a man eating flower. It was a really neat costume too which deserved first place.


  • Wow! Cool costume! I imagine you had fun! Brian actually had a trick-or-treater. He had to give the kid a Pop-tart! LOL

    By Blogger Dusti, at 8:21 PM  

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