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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My parents new house

The first picture is of the little shack, shanty, garden house, hovel, cottage or whatever you want to call it that my parents are living in. It is really cute inside. All new and quite cozy. They have two twin beds which they will use for one of their guest rooms in the main house when it's done, a t.v., a 3/4 bath, a fridge, sink, microwave, hot plate and toaster along with some cabinets and my father's desk and chair. It's all air conditioned and wireless and cute. The big house is in the middle stages of construction. They started about 3 months ago and hope to be in by the end of October. It is a huge house in my opinion but it's going to be really cool. They are building a bbq pit in their kitchen and have a huge living area, kitchen and dining area on the first floor along with an office for my dad and their master bedroom suite. The upstairs will have a home theater above the garage area which will have "stadium" seating. It's going to be so awesome! And they will have two guest rooms up there also. So much for the downsizing they tried to do about 8 years ago!


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