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Monday, July 31, 2006

Our airline story

So our flight went off with a hitch or two or all started the night before we were supposed to leave. We went out for dinner and on the way back I noticed that the plane that usually overnights at the airport for the early flight out was not there. At this point it was 8:30 so I knew it wasn't coming in. When we got home I checked my flight status and it said my flight out of Nevis was CANCELLED! It had been thundering and lightening and raining heavy all day so it wasn't really a big surprise but you know how denial can be. Even at dinner we were seated at this table that was under a seam on the canvas roof. It started pouring and the seam turned into a gutter and was splattering on the deck right next to Jaime and getting him all wet. But back to the airline story...I found out that I had been re-booked on the afternoon flight which gets into Boston at 10:30pm. I was not so excited about this because traveling with Julian at night is not that easy. It really makes for a long day. So we got up that morning and I was trying to get some last minute things done like printing some documents for my online classes that were starting in a couple of days. My printer was on the fritz and I didn't get any of that done. Jaime called me to let me know that he was only going to be able to take one class next semester which would mean he was a part time student which also means that he wouldn't be eligible for loans next semester. So that was not good news AT ALL. He is working on that at the moment so hopefully things will be fine. But it was not good news to hear just as I'm about to leave. Oh and earlier when Julian got up...he tipped over our coffee table with a marble insert and smashed it all over the floor. Not sure how much this will cost to replace in Nevis! We got to the airport almost 2 hours early and there was a huge crowd. Most likely due to the cancelled flight from the a.m. They "looked through" my luggage and sent me over to the check in line. I finally got up to the counter where I had to juggle the contents around to meet their weight requirements which took a bit of time and a lot of sighs behind me from those poor Four Seasons guests that had to wait around in the hot, humid conditions of the airport. So sorry for them. Then I had to get security clearance from the mysterious entity that they call when you're "flagged". This is the second time it has happened to me leaving Nevis. I'm not sure if it's me or Julian that's running from the law but it sure makes me sweat every time! They told me that every so many random people need clearance but when it happens twice to you it seems a bit scary. I really don't want to end up in Ye Olde Nevis Prison Farm. So we finally get on the plane on time and get up in the air. I am stressed at this point from all the crap that has happened that day. Plus, I didn't get my sandwich at Deli by Wendy as I had planned so I was hungry too. The beverage cart came our way and I ordered a diet coke and some apple juice for Julian. He was reading a book at this point and shortly after he got it he spilled the whole thing all over his book and into his open backpack which was on the floor below his tray. SO...I had to clean that all up which was a wet sticky mess. Once in San Juan we were able to get some linner or sunch or lupper. It wasn't the best meal ever but the waitress was very polite and nice and attentive so that made it ok. Julian was out of control that day and driving me nuts. I don't know if it was a case of nerves for him or excitement but he would not calm down. I had to take away his privelege to watch a movie while we waited for the plane which made for a long wait. Finally we got on the plane and were seated next to an old man from San Juan I am thinking. He did not speak English which I was happy about because I did not want to talk to anyone. I was tired and bitchy. Then he fell asleep which was good to. This little girl in front of us kept trying to reach back and pull down our shade on the window and I was ready to grab her hand and send it back. I need to be able to see out the window until we get up in the air and even out in altitude. She kept trying and looking over at me like I was going to help her. But I gave her the evil eye and finally she gave up because she couldn't reach. I'm so mean! Julian calmed down on the plane and he watched as much of a movie as his battery would allow. Then he watched the in flight movie 8 Below which was a good movie for him. We bought a snack box from the snack cart and had a drink while we watched our movie. There was a screaming toddler in the row diagonally in back of us. There is actually a child in the world that is louder than Julian! Haha. But it wasn't my problem so it didn't bother me too much. I just kept my earphones in and turned up my volume. The lady next to us was fighting the motion sickness. She was a caribbean woman all dressed up for the flight with her matching fancy purse. I tried to get up to go to the bathroom and she caught my eye and motioned that she was going to get sick so I let her go first!!! Then the guy in the other bathroom was taking so long that my bladder decided that it didn't really need to go after all. So I sat back down and Julian fell asleep for the last hour of the flight. It was rough getting him out of his deep sleep. Oh, I almost forgot, as we were getting on the plane Julian was peeking into the cockpit which was open and the steward told him he could go in if he wanted. He hollered to the pilots that someone wanted to come in and they turned around and said "Hey, how are you, come on in" and showed him all kinds of stuff. They let him turn a dial that did something and made a voice come on and say "system check complete" or something like that. The pilots were really nice and kind of funny, looking at all the buttons and telling him that they didn't know what half of them were for. Just kidding around...I hope! So that made his day and from that point forward he was acting a little bit more calm. When we finally got into Boston, I figured that to top it all off our luggage would not make it but it was all there and our ride was there to get us too. Our driver was a it of a dud. Julian kept trying to talk to him. He said "Ken, do you like to watch National Geographic" and he didn't reply and Julian looked over at me and said "I think I'll take that as a...NO!" It was so funny. Then he fell asleep again and we made it to Missy's house and got upstairs and into bed. I'll post more about the weekend another time. I think this is turning into a book! Hope all is well in Nevis! We're having a great time in the grand old U.S of A!!!


  • Yeah, just something about flying to or away from Nevis! My flight home from Nevis (for good) went so smoothly, quite the antithesis of my original flight to there! I knew I had made the right decision. Hope the $aid works out for Jamie. I was broke on Nevis once and it wasn't pleasant.
    Enjoy the US of A!!!!!!!

    By Blogger drdubg, at 8:47 AM  

  • Hey Girlie,

    Glad you finally arrived home safely. We are counting down the days until Freedom Bird delivers us to the USA. I actually think I might be ready to go home.

    By Blogger Dusti, at 5:00 PM  

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