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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hello from Nevis

Well...since I have written last life has not been too exciting around here. Jaime has been busy with school and so have I. My classes take up most of my time these days. I am hoping my next set of classes are not so much work. I'd like to get my tan back!!! Julian is still in horseback riding once a week. He is in a more advanced class now which is fun for him because he gets to canter a lot which makes it more fun. He's getting better but still has days where his horse just won't do what he wants. He is also in swimming lessons once a week. His teacher is a woman here with her husband and two kids from Canada. They moved here recently for his work (some type of offshore thing I think). She's doing great with her swim lesson business. Her name is Nicole and she is very nice and doing a great job with the kids in lessons. He goes on Saturday at 1:00 at Oualie Beach so we usually go early or stay late and get a few hours at the beach on that day. Jaime and I have been swimming a lot too and I've been running and I just started biking again to make those training triathlons a bit easier. There is an off-road triathlon on the 25th of this month. I haven't really heard much about it though so I'm not sure what is going on with it. There is another training triathlon on the 9th of December. It will be a 450meter swim, 13k bike and a 3k run. Then we will miss the next two while we are home.

Speaking of home...we will be home in 34 days! Julian has his Christmas concert the night before we leave. They are doing a siging and dancing act. Some type of Broadway show type theme. One of our board members ordered hats, gloves and canes for the kids so it should be really funny. They have two people coming in at PE time to teach the kids the songs and dance steps. I think it will be really funny. Our friend Winston is back from his 5 month hiatus off island. He has a house in Turkey which is where he spends his time when he's not here. We're happy to have him back. Other than that nothing exciting since the Halloween party.


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