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Friday, January 19, 2007

Since Last Time

Well it has been a long time since I have posted. We were in NH for the holidays for about 3 weeks. The time flew by and we didn't see half the people we wanted to see. If you were one of the ones we didn't see...we're sorry!!! We'll be home in three months and we'll see you then! We pretty much just saw family for the most part. My sister was up from Louisiana with her family so we spent a lot of time at my parents new house just hanging out and playing cards and talking. My parent's new house is amazing. These pictures show the home theater that my Dad put in. The chairs are so comfortable. They are recliners with butt-kickers in the seats. That means the chairs vibrate and rumble when explosions and loud things happen. It is awesome! We were up there almost every night watching movies. The guys spent New Years Eve day rappelling at Pawtuckaway State Park. I have a great picture of Julian but I think it's on Jaime's computer so we'll have to get that later. It's so cute. We did lots of shopping for Christmas and Nevis. I enjoyed every second of my Christmas shopping. I love being in the malls at Christmas time. Yes, I am crazy! I got a new I-pod shuffle for my birthday. It's so awesome! The last day before we left we found out my grandmother had to go in for heart surgery. She is 90 years old. Her doctor kept referring to her as a 70 year old and she corrected the doctor and he said "well, I know you're 90 but you're in the shape of a 70 year old". So that was good to hear. She had a double by-pass and they also put in a new cow valve. I talked with her yesterday and she said she seems to be growing a few extra nipples. Haha. She still has her sass which is one of the things I love about her! They had her up and walking a couple of days after surgery and even doing stairs. They don't let you rest long! She was in the hospital for a week and it was only that long because they were having an ice storm and the weather was not good for traveling. She had the same surgeon as my father had last spring for his surgery. We like to keep him in business! Haha.

I have been training a bit for the triathlon and also training for the half-marathon in May. I should be training a lot more for the tri but this week I had internet problems so I spent my days waiting around for the internet guy. I had three different techs on three separate days and today I finally got back up and running. It really set me back with school and everything else. Moving along. Julian is in a jr. triathlon training program which the cycle club started a few weeks ago. He had fun the first day and tomorrow he will be doing his first solo triathlon. Wish him luck! It is going to be within the grounds of Oualie Beach Resort so they will not be on the road at all. In conjunction with the big triathlon in March they are having a longer jr. triathlon which will be on the road but they are closing the road for that event. We are all very excited about this new program which has been very popular so far. The first day we had 15 kids and the second week we had about 25 or 30. Jaime had his first test of the semester today in clinical medicine. We'll find out on Monday how he did. He also has a test on Monday in pathology.

Julian has a new teacher this term. She is 10 years old! Just kidding but not by much. She is very young but the kids love her and she respects them so they respect her. I can see a big change in Julian already. His attitude seems better and he is learning how to organize his work better. He said she has been helping him with that which is great. They also have a new principal and vice-principal who are really helping to keep the kids in line. Just having that presence there is really helpful. And that is about it. The weather is great here so if any of you are hating the winter in the states...this is our last few months to take advantage of free lodging at our casa. I'll talk to you all later.


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