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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie Night

Friday night our Spouses of Students Club hosted a movie night over at the MUA pool. The SOS president's husband Eric brought his movie projector with him to the island. It is quite the nice little set-up. They hung a sheet on the fence around the tennis court and projected it on there. We watched Open Season which was really funny. There were about 5 or 6 families that showed up to view the movie. We had popcorn and candy and drinks. It is a little bit different from being in a drive-in because you are just sitting there under the stars with lightning bugs flying over the screen and bats swooping past your face. That was a little bit weird but it was a nice change of pace.

On Saturday we had a 10k race in the morning. It was so hot! It's starting to heat up over here again. I did it in less than an hour which is good for me especially since we actually ran almost 11k. After that we had the kids triathlon training which went pretty well. The kids didn't have as much fun this time because we were testing them to see how far they can swim. The kids who couldn't swim did not get much help. We only have 5 that can not swim. We took the rest of them out to the deeper area (chest level) so they would have to swim and not run in the water. They tend to do that which is cheating! We need to know how far they can each swim so we can put them in the correct level for the triathlon in March. I think we're making them nervous. I wonder how many will show up. I asked them if they were all doing the triathlon in March and a lot of them said "Maybe". I told them that wasn't a very optimistic answer. After the tri training we went over to the MUA pool where the Muslim Students Association was having a barbecue. It only cost 2EC which is the equivalent of about .75 cents in US money so I couldn't pass it up. We got a small piece of chicken, a chicken sandwich and salads (potato and macaroni). I was starving since I hadn't eaten since breakfast and had done that run earlier in the day. PLUS they had a bounce house and a blow-up water slide for the kids. Julian had a great time over there. And the pool is clean!!!

Last night we were all tired so we didn't do anything. I had to work on my final projects for my classes that are due today. I have been working on them for weeks! I posted one yesterday and the other one will get posted today. I think it is done I just need to look it over again to make sure there aren't any mistakes. Then I start two new classes on Monday. This coming week I am helping out the art teachers at the school. The older classes are going to do macrame! How exciting!!!


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