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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Stratham Fair

We have been lucky? to have only missed the Stratham Fair one year in the last 8 or so years. Lucky us??? Not sure if that's luck...or...something else... Anyway, I was supposed to meet Mariann and her crew there and Missy and her family, and then I had invited the Eaton's to go too, but then Julian's other friend called to have him sleep over. Since I knew it was the last night he would be able to sleep at this particular friend's house I decided to invite him to the fair. Then I got thinking that I would bring Tim along too. Somehow I roped Cindy (Tim's mom) into going with us. I don't think it was exactly what she had wanted to spend her night doing but I was SOOO glad she came with me. It made it a lot more fun for me. She is a lot of fun to hang around with. I got a bonus when Julian became friends with Tim because his Mom is cool too! So we went to the fair and ate french fries and pizza and the boys got to play games and throw their money away at the carnies. The carnies at this fair are your typical lot. Trying to pull a fast one so you don't win the crappy toys they offer. At one point as Julian won the balloon water gun game he got up off his stool and ran full out across the field and back in excitement. He is so weird! I wonder where he gets that?!!! As we were leaving the fair there were some free balloon animals that the boys just had to stop and get. After all they were free. Well this enormous religious lady was making them and she was trying to dispense some godly words to the boys but I think it was wasted. The boys just wanted the free stuff. Once we left I dropped off Cindy and Tim and then left Julian at Walker's for the night. Walker is a hunter and he has a stuffed deer head facing his top bunk. Julian slept up there while the thing watched over him all night. The next day Walker's dad took all three of his kids plus Julian and Tim out to MA for a ride on his boat. They were gone all day and when they returned Tim asked Julian to sleep over his house since it was the last night he could before we left. So off he went again. I had spent the day in Missy's pool and that was the night we went out for a quick drink and then headed over to Jessie's to visit with Mariann and her group. After that our trip was pretty much over. We had one more full day that we spent doing some last minute tax-free school shopping, hit the beach for an hour and then headed home before Jer and family and grammy and Peter came to visit. Then it was off to the airport the next day.

Seacoast Science Center

While we were home Julian got to go to summer camp for a week at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point in Rye, NH. It is a great program for kids. Each week is a different theme. The week Julian went was a tidepooling theme. Every day they went into the tide pools and learned about what they found. They did crafts revolving around the ocean theme and played games. They had a great time. He was able to go with his friend Tim which made it really fun. The pictures are of the center itself and a couple of pictures of the view from outside.

More vacation pictures

Missy and Mariann and I had some time to hang out while I was home. It was fun catching up with them both but as always there is never enough time when you are on vacation. The clock ticks on and time is whittled away bit by bit. The first picture is Mariann, Missy and I from left to right. The other one is me having dinner with Jaime and his dad--as you can see two of the statues are named Jaime and Juan (Jaime's Dad). Haha, I just couldn't resist taking the picture. Missy and I had been out for a quick drink one night and I spied these on the way out. Pretty funny.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

To view a funny video go to this link on youtube. We were at my sister's house yesterday when Julian had a weird problem. My sister, brother-in-law, niece, Jaime and I went to the farmer's market in Mandeville. We left Julian with Jacin, my nephew. When we got home we found Julian with a stool tutu. He had somehow gotten wedged into the stool and got stuck! It was so funny! Jaime and Jim worked on him for a few minutes before they got out the screw driver and took the top off to get him out. The problem was not his hips but his legs. They somehow got down over the top of the stool and would hyperextend when trying to pull him out. They got him out safely but not before MANY photos and videos were taken.